The Proconsul Garments LA Collection

Proconsul Clothing is the most up to date in a collection of garments brand names from La, California. Proconsul has actually been introduced by the British developer Tom Giannini. The collection was launched at NY Fashion Week in 2014. This year it will certainly launch its LA existence in October and also its first boutiques are opening up in October.

Lana Turcia created the collection. She is very aware of the LA style Proconsul Clothing Los Angeles scene and also she has benefited collections that are associated with most of the large celebs. She has dealt with Britney Spears, Madonna, and Melissa Etheridge, to name a few.

Lana Turcia is among the innovative minds behind Proconsul Clothing LA. She is really close to the abilities and also the style circles in Los Angeles. Given that she is so knowledgeable about the scenes and also the celebrities, it has actually caused a fantastic idea that is not only stylish but stands for an expression of originality.

Lana Turcia has actually likewise generated a line of clothes for the brand name. The developers have striven to develop clothing that represent themselves as well as are entirely one-of-a-kind. The tag is ending up designer-quality clothes as well as is making a really bold declaration about fashion.

Several of the garments from Lana Turcia are gowns, jackets, tee shirts, footwear, and tee shirts. They have come up with items that not only look excellent yet are clever. Every one of the clothes from Proconsul LA include a print of a lovely butterfly.

Proconsul Clothing LA consists of an item in each of the three collections that they are launching. The lines are composed of gowns, coats, and also trousers. The lines that are available consist of: Jane's Skinny Lace, RuPauls Drag Queens, Mezcal, JaneLinden as well as Ominous Nights. Each of the lines has their very own principle and also there is a reason that they each are provided.

The gowns are an all-American mix of feminine posh and also hefty textiles. These gowns feature attractive geometric patterns. The outfits that are provided have stunning sleeves with delicate information, elegant contours, and a floral print. The sleeves are made from stretchy textile so that they can be worn in a variety of ways.

The jackets have a mix of contemporary and also vintage impacts. The cuts and also design of the coats are a mix of military, Bohemian, as well as modern influences. The jackets are offered in three various shades and also 3 various prints, and also the jackets can be worn with or without accessories.

The t shirts are one more classic American design. They are constructed from cotton and function stylish prints, great drape, and great color. The designs are developed in a way that they can be used over any type of sort of trousers or skirts.

One more item from Proconsul Clothing LA is the footwear. The shoe developers worked difficult to develop footwear that look excellent as well as are comfortable to put on.

Every one of the apparel from Proconsul LA is extremely gorgeous and the collections are an all-American mix of designs and also colours. The apparel is stylish as well as makes a declaration regarding their individuality. The collection makes a vibrant statement regarding design as well as expression, while being long lasting, stylish, and also elegant.


Proconsul Clothing is the newest in a collection of clothing brand names from La, California. Lana Turcia is one of the creative minds behind Proconsul Clothing LA. Proconsul Clothing LA consists of an item in each of the three collections that they are introducing. One more item from Proconsul Clothing LA is the shoes. All of the clothing from Proconsul LA is very lovely and the collections are an all-American mix of styles as well as colours.